Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you ever wanted a Fiverr gig with that little special something. Ohhhh I dunno that special something like a drag queen. Well, look no further than my next Fiverrtastic Diva known as HRH Sisterface. This seller is absolutely fab and will knock your socks off! in the gig the seller will sing happy birthday,do fabulous testimonials,anything positive, up lifting message for $5 ,
Yes, this seller will be your Fiverr drag diva and will literally make the video shine. this sellers camera presence is amazing. I myself was flabbergasted by the stellar performance I had to contact the seller. This is my first time actually finding a drag queen on Fiverr and you either go big or go home. You haven't went above and beyond until you put a drag queen in the mix. I've already put a chainsaw/fire thrower, a fire breather and a certifiably insane guy on here so why not. 

I have a few suggestions for you HRH Sisterface
 put up a rip gig of some sort, put up some sort of photo sign gig where you will hold up a sifn with a message, (so you can use you fierce modeling and advertising skills), and put up a few different video gigs. You're a Diva embrace it. Fiverr is about making money you need to be trying to get to a level 2 or top rated seller that's where the moneys at. don't do videos more than a 1-2 minute long for $5 it takes 10-20 minutes or more to do the video I think you will be very successful after this plug and Fiverr's plug it has given you.

just check out the fiverr intro video  and see for yourself. I may just order sometime soon for my blog,

 I always try and push the envelope and I'm not done yet. I'm going to even be starting my own website soon. I even started selling a gig on Fiverr to advertise Fiverr sellers gigs. So If I don't pick someone and they find me first well so be it. I like to write blogs and I want Fiverrtastic to be synonymous with Fiverr. I want people to know the blog and know that's where to look for help in deciding where to shop for a gig. 
Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!



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