Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squeezed to perfection

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so yesterday I wrote a blog about Top Rated Seller Oranjegirl. Tonight I write about her husband Marko Top Rated Seller Oranjewebdesign. Whether you want a logo, a testimonial or video advertising, a voiceover, a facebook fanpage, or even help with your website Marko is there to help. Oranjewebdesign is literally the one stop shop for web needs. Like oranjegirl, he will provide some of the most unique and innovative services available.

Marko has some amazing gigs but one of his most unique gigs is I will create a FANTASTIC facebook fanpage for $5. This guy is absolutely amazing when it comes to web designing needs so why wouldn't you want him to create a facebook fanpage for you. if you order his gig extras one of them is to add 1000 Facebook fans to your page. Seriously, try getting that anywhere else dded onto an order!  if you order all of his extras plus the $5 gig it will cost $40. You will have a page, a group, the graphics, and 1000 fans. Seriously, if you're still reading and haven't ordered WHY!

Ok, Marko I got nothing except maybe to keep the gigs fresh. But I imagine you do. Oh and maybe do a few more web or graphic design gigs. You can have up to 20 gigs.  You're a busy man though, you got other projects besides Fiverr. You and Annie or "Oranjegirl" do an amazing job. I should have discussed you 2 earlier.Remember if you need excellent service on Fiverr Oranjegirl and Orangewebdesign are the ones to check out.

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