Monday, April 30, 2012

Freshly Squeezed

 Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I've been doing this blog awhile now and there's plenty of sellers I've wanted to write about quite frankly just haven't had the time or money to buy from. All of these people on Fiverr that I'm referring to have services that are above and beyond the call of duty and worth more than a Fiverr. One good example is Oranjegirl and her husband Marko that goes by Orangewebdesign . These 2 are a tag team pair and I'd like to discuss them in a 2 part blog. The first blog will discuss Oranjegirl and her amazing professionalism. She has so many different gigs to choose from you won't be disappointed. The one I want to talk about is    I will take 5 cute photos of me holding a fan sign for $5 .This gig is like the gig of all gigs. There's so many fan sign gigs out there but how many of them have a beautiful girl holding up to 5 different signs all for $5. Yes you heard me $5...i didn't stutter! She has many other gigs too. A lot of them marketing related...technically all of them and it depends on your needs. Whether it's proofreading, scriptwriting, advertising, voice-overs, or still picture advertising. Oranjegirl is absolutely one of the top 10 most hands down original sellers here on Fiverr. She makes her gig's innovative and fresh. 

check out this video that advertises her fan sign service:

OG I really don't have much advice to offer you except to maybe keep the gigs updated and switch your gigs out every now and then. Also spread the word of Fiverr. The internet work from home community needs to expand because the way the economy is it could be a way of the future. Just tell everyone you know about Fiverr and spread the word.

Oranjegirl also runs 2 different groups on Facebook called "Add Me" and "Like My Page and I'll Like Yours" . Oranjegirl has a lot of other projects going on as well, but her biggest devotion is to Fiverr so check her out today. Next time we will check out Marko and his gigs. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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