Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gimme some likes :)

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I've discussed people who have given likes before or gotten the word out about my blog...but this seller was different. This seller's Username is Facebook_winner and believe me he's amazing. he has 110 active orders right now.  This seller promised 1700+ likes to your facebook page and to advertise your website or page on twitter to his 62,000 active twitter followers. I didn't believe it until i noticed likes coming in the same day I ordered. I was like WHOA! Some will just wait until the next day or until they feel like it to get around to an order like this because they have a large amount of active facebook and twitter followers who will like the page. Not this seller he pretty much had people liking my page constantly for 3 days straight. My activity went from 1250 likes to 2994. Ok, now some of you are probably thinking why would someone pay for likes. When someone sees an active page with massive likes their possibly going to like your page themselves. I constantly get the word out about my blog, my facebook page, and youtube page. I am constantly trying to make a bigger and better blog and revolutionize fiverr sellers one blog at a time. 

Ok Facebook_winner, You have an amazing gig! You also have amazing traffic to that gig. May I suggest one thing. Add 1 more gig or 2 and add a tip gig. Fiverr will upgrade you to a level one or level 2 seller based on sales so far. I imagine the amount of sales you have and the sales you're getting Fiverr will promote you to level 2. Just add a few new gigs. And if they don't upgrade you when you complete some sales or update your gig profile contact them...they don't bite. You do an amazing job and you're very nice. I see this seller as a productive level 2 seller or an amazing top rated seller in no time. Watch out other TRS who advertise friend requests/facebook likes. 

If you haven't checked out Fiverr yet what are you waiting for! everyone has some sort of talent you can make money off. The question is "What are you willing to do for $5?" . Until next time have a fiverrtastic day! :)

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