Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Me Beautiful

 Ok. So I was doing some random gig searching on Fiverr. Happens a lot I know. When I came across the most amazing seller, This seller literally blew me away with his artistic skill. Ir was original and creative and something I could use as a facebook image if I wanted. All I had to do was send a High Resolution photo. No problem. The sellers Username is desainoke and he will turn your photo into patrick nagel style for $5. The picture up at the top is a sample. Hopefully the seller doesn't mind I posted it. This seller has many gigs like this but this gig anf the realistc cartoon gig were the ones that piqued my interest and made me salivate. I thought to myself oh ya this sellers got talent. desainoke is a Top Rated Seller.  
 Ok before I go further I don't want to be accused by anyone who doesn't read my blog regularly or only sees my Facebook page from afar; I am not a spammer and I do not just promote Top Rated Sellers. I think all sellers are worthy of a blog, but Top rated sellers struggle with getting orders sometimes just like sellers that are level 1, level 2, or people who haven't even been promoted yet. I have seen Top Rated Sellers who haven't seen orders for days and then get slammed with orders so much their heads spin. I'm a level 2 and I can't keep up with My orders. and then I complete them and have to wait for a few days sometimes too see 1 or 2. I'm lucky I can keep up with orders and write a daily or semi daily blog.

here's the pic he made me:


I think this seller deserves to be fiverrtastic because he's sometimes actually drawing the image and then coloring it digitally and other times he's creating it totally by hand. And his leadtime is extremely short. I had this in about a day and he offered revisions and i said no revisions were necessary I loved it. You should order from him today. I got no advice for desainoke but to put a few more gigs up if you haven't filled up your quota and put up 1 or 2 more gig extras in your tip gig your a TRS you can put up to $50 if you want. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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