Sunday, April 8, 2012

Color Me Silly!

 Do you need an awesome drawing gig but not sure which one to order. You want one that's just out of the ordinary about everyday objects like food or inanimate household products? Well you should order from alyssaerin. This seller is the most unique buyer I have ordered from in awhile and she is taking Fiverr by storm. She will literally make an object of your choice come to life. Literally, I was thinking to myself when i first seen her gig now way what do people seen in this gig. so i contacted her and asked her lots of questions. She was friendly and answered them too. She literally made my ordering experience an awesome one. Now granted I had to wrangle with fiverr over the order because of problems with paypal. Fiverr support came through and refunded me and she still completed my order in 3 days when i placed my order. She has 2 gigs and a tip gig and she is a level 2 seller. Unbelievable I know! But this girl is as popular as my Fiverr friend Tofupanda. Alyssaerin will literally keep in contact with you about your order and if you have an image she will work from that if she needs to. I sent her a pair of headphones for reference and said i wanted them to look angry kinda like skull candy. OMG I loved the result she came back with a look almost like if World Industries made headphones. All i did was send a clip art of headphones and tell her a specific color scheme. 

Ok this is where I become the devils advocate for a minute. Alyssaerin, you have amazing gigs, but you should add a few more in the future. Maybe ones involving people? Also, I want to say this, make a video presentation. a showcase type just showing your work for your 2 gigs. people love videos. I also want to say kudos to you for being here only 2 months and being a level 2 seller. It's an amazing feat. You'll be top rated seller in no time possibly. Tofu pulled it off quite quickly. I myself will probably never be because of little mistakes in the past with negative reviews and a few force cancels. But, i'm happy with the order i get. You are amazing though and I admire your determination, skill, and tenacity! Check out the work she sent me if you're unsure still.

Until next time Have a Fiverrtastic day readers. I may write again tonight if I get a chance or definitely tomorrow. the seller I will discuss tomorrow has been itching to get his gigs noticed. He wants to show you how to save money. :)

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