Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fiverr Support is Fiverrtastic

I just want to put this out there...Fiverr support is amazing. I don't like to bother them they probably got a million other things to do sometimes but there are a select few support I want to say thank you to. Julia and Ryan you are my main squeezes you answer me at least 50%-60% of the time when I send out support tickets. Jenny, You literally responded and cancelled an order in like 5.3 seconds...well not that quick. But you answered back and took care of my order faster than I've ever seen. Max, You're always so friendly and like to chime in and help whenever you can. Jay i've worked with you once and you're very good too.  Rueben, you're usually the first to answer the request. I don't know who you are but WOOWWW. you send these people a request and the request is answered immediately. Seriously, I don't know if your all running on RedBull like Sammy C, but when you say Fiverr never closes and you're open 25/8 you mean it! I just want to say thank you! Give support a helping hand and be patient they will handle your ticket as soon as they can and handle it with efficiency! Until tomorrow everyone have a Fiverrtastic Day!:)


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