Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking Fiverr By Storm!

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok So almost a week ago I came across a seller who is literally blowing up the fiverr community. I myself am surprised I have not ordered from her yet. Oh ya something about not being a very patient buyer. I waited a few weeks before I bought off the Tim Burton drawing girl. This seller is a minor celebrity though. You may know her from working with Sandra Bullock on Miss Congeniality 2, She was on Days of Our Lives, and She has done Narration for the Little Mermaid and The Crow Series. This woman has 26 orders in queue on her testimonial gig alone. She only has a voice-over and testimonial gig, shes been on here 8 days and she's completed 6 orders orders. She's on her way to becoming a level one seller quickly and a level 2 seller in less than 2 months quite possibly. I really think this seller has lots of potential. Her seller name is Scrapsculptures and I've talked to her and she is really nice!

Ok I would like to offer up some advice. Scrapscultures or Shari whichever you prefer Put yourself up a tip gig. People will tip if you suggest it sometimes. And when you suspend gigs to go on break leaving the tip gig open for orders is often very handy! When your order queue goes down put up a few new gigs if you can think up some. maybe a script writing gig for customers who don't want to send a script. Lastly, Remain Calm if a customer wants the order bad enough and you reassure them that they will get the order even if you're a few days late, they will be happy you're going out of your way to message them. So, if you want a professional voice-over or professional testimonial from someone who's actually been in the business try this seller out. Oh and thank you everyone for helping me reach over 3000 faceebok fans on the fiverrtastic page and for almost reaching 4500 views! Amazing Job Everyone!
Until Next Time Readers Have a Fiverrttastic Day!

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