Monday, April 9, 2012

stop spending, start saving!

 Do you want to save money but not sure exactly how. Did you know there's a lot of gigs on fiverr will people will advise you on how to save money. One seller I came across by sheer accident will "teach you how to save money on airline tickets using my 3 savvy online research techniques for $5.You're probably thinking to yourself that this type of advice is too good to be true and who is this seller. The sellers username is Qualitycounts and believe me the gigs he has are quality. This seller is one of those advice savvy sellers and I don't think he should be limiting himself to 4 gigs. He has so much potential. Some of his other gigs are how to get unlimited free royalty/stock images, expert opinion on a blog or website, and how to add anyone on linkedin without In Mail. The travel advice gig could probably be the most useful though because people are always trying to find ways to save time and money. This guy has been an avid traveler for 12 years and found that travel websites themselves don't "save" you money. The travel sites give you that comfortable illusion you saved money. This 3 technique method with PDF and screenshots will help you along your way. Whether it's to Italy or to see the Taj Mahal...any vacation is affordable and achievable if it's in your budget. 

Qualitycounts I got some advice for you:
Put up a tip gig
Put up a few new gigs (you can have up to 20)
Add videos to a few of your gigs. (people love videos)

Besides that you're off to a great start. level 1 after 4 months and only 4 gigs...that's not bad.  Hope to see you become a level 2 seller or a very busy level 1. 

Check out Qualitycounts today! You'll be glad you did. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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