Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simply Amazing Enough Said!

 Ok So I was frantically searching for a gig to talk about a few days ago and I found the most exciting gig. This gig was surprisingly only $5 when the customer could sell it for $25 but he is not like some sellers who I will not name who charge three $50 gig extras plus 1 gig to do most of there order. This seller seems to do the work not for the money but for the prospect that when he knows you're happy you'll be back or you'll tip him. Now that's smart business. Who's this seller do you ask? His username is Artofseo and he is a level 2 seller with a 99% rating. This seller is amazing with animated video intros and presentations. He can do things that I can only imagine doing. I was so amazed by how thorough his order is. For the order I ordered he wanted me to fill out an excel sheet and send the images all in a zip and provide any other ideas. I always tell people use their own creative ideas after i give a small request if i have one. It's better that way let's their creativity flow! I suggest you check out artofseo today if you want an awesome into video. Check out his other gigs too because he's got some other cool gigs too.

I didn't want the music to Artofseo's into so I contacted my friend Guitario. a long time ago I featured Guitario and a seller called Giventodesign who no longer sells on Fiverr create a "custom creationz" intro. refer to this blog: . (still one of the most popular blogs to this day)  I ordered one of Guitario's newest gigs that needed some love. no one had been ordering it at all and it was sitting there for a few weeks. He will create a piano composition for you for $5. just give him an idea of how you want the piano composition to sound and he will create it. For 30ish seconds it's $5 and for about a minute or so of playing it's $10 and so on. This guy is skilled and he delivered my piano work in about 20 minutes. that's less time than a pizza. He was planning on going on vacation for a few days so he wanted to get some of his gigs done but that's insane! If you want to order from a true professional and want the work done thoroughly and are willing to wait a week or less depending on the queue order from Guitario. The guy is insanely gifted. I don't know why you and Lana don't start a band Chris but you need to.

So for $5 on Artofseo's gig and $10 on Guitarios gig because I tipped him I mad a video that turned out something like this:

There is no winners yet for my 5 coupons so if you can give me a link to someones fiverr gig for a gig I haven't featured I will give a coupon for a free gig extra with the purchase of a gig. Just put it on the fiverrtastic page and the first five will get a coupon to send as an attachment when they order a gig. Until next time Have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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