Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday,,,Mr. President

 Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok I'm writing a blog when I should be working on gigs. Oh well my buyers can wait. I want to discuss this awesome seller I found. I got dibs on her first...I found her first Fiverr Facebook page, you just want to share her with everyone because she's featured on your front page. I have to admit she has an amazing gig. Ok, what is the gig you ask. This seller will sing to your recipient impersonating Marilyn Monroe. She looks and sounds the part too. Ok so your saying to yourself Anonymous blog writer guy WTF is her username. Her seller username is Voiceworkpro. She can only be found exclusively on Fiverr and she is very talented. But, there's always a but, she is going to notice a massive overload of orders on this one gig and in order to stay on track she needs to manage time. Ya and time is of the essence if she plans on keeping this a 1 day gig.  I mean c'mon who doesn't want to have Marilyn Monroe sing to them. I don't have a birthday coming up anytime soon but can someone order this for me. :)

Ok this is where i get brutal, Voiceworkpro I think you should change your lead time to 3 days or even 5 days as soon as you start getting higher demand. Believe me people will still order you represent a peace of nostalgic history. Maybe you could do testimonials as another gig. Who wouldn't like to see a pretty face like yours in front of the camera advertising their product. Oh, and another thing you could do is maybe offer a tip gig. people are more prone to tip if you have a tip gig. it looks better later on to have more gigs on your page. Like say when you want to suspend almost everyone but like 1 and the tip gig and regular customers have order requests they will use the tip gig to make multi-gig orders. You're professionalism will get you far in this business. I see you becoming a level 2 seller in a month. While it's undetermined when and if you'll become a top rated seller anytime soon, the way you already have 4 good ratings and 5 sales in queue you're off to an excellent start. 

Everyone who reads this I want you to check out her gig. She is extremely talented! Again, her name is Voiceworkpro . You know the drill readers her picture is an active link and each time i mentioned her username I hot linked it. So you all have no excuse why not to check out the gig. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic one!

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