Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hypnosis anyone?

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so tonight I write this blog a little late but I'm still writing one. I found an awesome level 2 seller who sells a lot of advertising and hypnosis type gigs. His seller name is northshorehypno . How would you like to learn the secret of getting girls into bed without even trying. or maybe you want to learn how to hypnotize your friends. Maybe you want to learn about subliminal advertising. This guy has it all. He has one cool gig on how you can relax just by turning your TV into a fish tank. It's actually a pretty cool idea and he has the DVD to send you for the purchase of a $5 gig. This guy is worth a try and no matter what gig you buy he's bound to deliver something amazing.

Here is some advice for you northshorehypno: make sure all your gigs have a gig extra, put up a few new gigs, and advertise your gigs on different Fiverr pages or different Fiverr groups on Facebook. I was glad you reached out to me. sometimes i notice some peoples gigs if the catch my eye and others look all the same. Yours piqued my interest because I'm also skilled in advertising and my passion in college was psychology. Remember to always keep your gigs fresh. Change out gigs that aren't selling by suspending or deleting old ones and putting up new ones. and update the info and videos sometimes. (i need to do that myself just haven't got a chance).

Check out his video and see what i mean on how good his services are and how great this guy is:

Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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