Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gigs With Originality

 Are you looking for gigs to purchase that are creative, innovative, and original. Look no further than Fiverr seller allielucious. This seller is very creative and has some amazing gigs. She is the most unique seller i've talked to in awhile. She's a level 2 seller and she's only been on here 3 months. Some of her gigs include "I will write a 300 word article for your blog or website on your blog or I can write testimonials as well for $5" and I will send you 25 guitar picks made out of recycled gift cards, credit cards and other recyclable plastic for $5 . Her guitar pick gig is amazing because she sends you 25 picks instead of 10 like some people. She makes them with recycled gift cards and other recycled plastic so you know their durable. 

allielucious I have a few tips for you. Put up a few new writing or handmade goods gigs you can put up to 20 gigs altogether, it may help your sales more. Make sure all your gigs have a gig extra. Put another 10 guitar picks and something else extra for a gig extra for the guitar pick gig. (also make sure your getting paid for the shipping as well) Besides that your doing an amazing job. Just trying and get your name out their and advertise on fiverr pages on facebook. Pages like Fiverrwall, Fiverrway, and my facebook page Fiverrtastic . As they say in Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come". You can't build a reputation without advertising it, just like a baseball field doesn't come from out of thin air. 

So check out allielucious today. She will be glad to do an amazing order for you. You won't be disappointed. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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