Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Zombie to Bring Forth the Apocalypse

Are you looking for a zombie video for your next advertisement? Maybe you want a happy birthday wish? Maybe you want to scare a friend? or maybe you want to propose to someone is a really messed up way. Well have I got the seller for you. I think you should check out Fiverr seller kristylynn. She is a Top rated seller but she doesn't mind only getting $5, $10, or $15 dollar order when most TRS try and milk you dry. Believe me i see some that try and milk you for $50 or more. This seller is amazingly talented with all of her videos that she does. Ok so here's the skinny. I ordered one Zombie video. I paid $15 dollars at first When the original price for full zombie is $45. I also gave another $10 because i ordered a wrong gig. The total i paid is $25 versus $45 or more. She delivered 3 videos. That is what a Fiverrtastic seller does. She went above and beyond what a seller should do. She could have made just 1 good video or 2 video but she made a into, middle and sent a cute ending. This seller really blew me away with her creativity so i went above and beyond and made a video montage and added royalty free sound fx and added text. Kristylynn has probably the most original stuff I've seen when it comes to videos. I would probably order from her again a few times. I urge you to check out her gigs.

If you've ever heard of Unicorn Poop cookies (picture above) she is the creator of that whole viral trend. Krystylynn I hope you patented that because that is all over the web. As far as suggestions on your gigs i got nothing. You are probably the hardest working Fiverr seller alongside Rinchen, professor puppet, and Arjun. There's a few others I didn't name, but Krystylynn you are without a doubt Fiverrtastic. I will be putting on my Facebook wall and on my youtube page. check out her videos she sent me that i made into a montage.

I'm putting this on my blog because no one is responding: The first 5 people to respond to this blog or on my Fiverrtasic facebook page and give me original gigs that i can feature on Fiverrtastic that haven't been featured I will offer a free gig extra with the purchase a a $5 or more gig. This is the deal of a lifetime. Just a response with a gig link and you will get a bonus add on to your gig purchase. It can even be your gig! Act now! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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  1. I have one for you...

    She has about 5 gigs,somethign like that. She is a level 2 seller and she's and AMMmmAAaaaZzzzing Writer!