Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mad Beats

Hi Fiverrtastic peeps,
Whats up tonight. Ok. So tonight we're going to talk about a seller who has been dominating Fiverr with his rapping. His Fiverr seller name is I_will_rap. He is a level 2 seller with some talent under his belt. Now i'm not saying he's the next Kayne, Eminem, or Busta...but he makes his own royalty free beats and he creates some amazing lyrical rhymes. I enjoyed working with this seller and I will say this much he did exactly what was asked of him...he was creative. I think he could have made the rap a little more faster but he did match the beat and he made some good lyrics. I can say this much I was impressed by his skills.

This seller has some very unique gigs and people should check his gigs out. His seller name is I_will_rap and He literally will rap 16 bars about pretty much anything you want. Just send him an order and you won't be disappointed. I got one suggestion for you I_will_rap put up a few new gigs like maybe offer so many royalty free beats for $5 or creating beats for $5 or writing raps for people. You're amazingly talented all on your own and doing well with the gigs you have and someday I may work with you again.

Check out the video I made with Fiverrtastic orders and his audio and you be the judge of his talent.Tomorrow I will discuss a guy who has a fascination with making the world look like bean people one person at a time.

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