Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are You in a Creative Slump?

Hi Fiverrtastic readers,
I'm back! Surgery didn't keep me down, Fiverr orders will never keep me away, and no matter what I will always keep writing. Ok, so Last Friday I went in for a shunt surgery to have my shunt replaced. Well let's just say after a 5-10 year gap of it not properly working it needed to be surgically fixed. It was a 2 hour surgery and my mom and other family were on eggshells the whole time wondering what was going to happen. But, I pulled through and everything's doing better slowly but surely.

Today, I want to talk about Fiverr seller Conceptcreative. She is a level 2 seller with 2 gigs and she probably does better with 2 gigs than some Top rated sellers with 10 gigs. She's in the character creation biz. She makes logo mascots and sexy pinup girls and that's the only gigs she has up and she's probably booked up for at least another few weeks easy. I've seen some of her samples she's well worth the order and well worth the wait. If it weren't for issues with Fiverr's revenue page right now I'd be ordering myself a new Fiverrtastic Mascot! This seller caught my eye because of the popularity of her gig. The simplicity of the gig in itself and the amount of work that probably goes into it is what floors me. I sometimes spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour per logo or design gig and then you get Conceptcreative. Or previous sellers I've mentioned like Yuniree and Mrevilhairday. These are sellers who spend more than $5 worth of time creating masterpieces. If you need something innovative and creative and this isn't your first fiverr order or maybe it is try Conceptcreative . I know I will be soon enough and When I do and get the order back there will be a 2nd blog. Oh I usually offer a piece of seller advice from me to the seller I'm reviewing. The only thing I notice is to maybe put up a Tip gig. Keep doing what your doing because you're doing great.
Have a Fiverrtastic Day Everyone. :)

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