Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have a Giggle good time!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Todays seller is literally amazing. She is innovative, creative, and she brings sunshine to Fiverr. Her nickname or stagename is Giggle Blossom....but on Fiverr she goes by the username Cindiva. She will make an amazing clown video for a birthday wish or a business promotion! She has been featured on Tosh.0 if she looks familiar. I have been following her Fiverr career awhile now and I looked at a few of her live portfolio samples and they are amazing.Cindiva is so awesome and she takes everything she does so professional. She was Featured on my website yesterday. She even did a commercial for Pizza Hut Canada promtoing their $5 deal. I even like how for an extra $10 she will add gadgets the clown to her gig. from what I see he doesn't talk much. He is her acting camera man when he is not in front of the camera.  If you want a professional virtual party clown check her out today. Here is here video sample from Fiverr.

Cindiva you should have gadget offer his own silent clown gig whenever you get busy with gigs. That's a possibility. You should also offer the choice to do promo videos so people don't have to message you or send an order request on the birthday gig. The Pizza Hut commercial was amazing! I thought the Tosh.0 video was superb too! You should also do a sign gig without talking or with limited words and voice over gig. People pay good money sometimes for people who do those gigs and you have a nice voice. These are just suggestions and I always make suggestions when I think a seller needs more gigs or more improvement. Believe me you don't need improvement your gigs are awesome no matter what! Check out her video from Tosh.0 .

 Tomorrow I will write about a new seller it's a surprise guest. It's a 2 part blog. I still need to discuss Chris Hardy's Voiceover too in a future blog. I need to start doing blogs everyday or regularly. Not too worry I will definitely talk about Chris Hardy's gig. I still need to find a radio show or internet radio show to play the rap commercial and his Ren and Stimpy commercial I have. No sweat though. :) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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