Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not just an Anarchist...a really nice guy!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Today I'm going to write about Anarchosfighter who is a seller who goes far beyond the call of duty of being a Fiverr seller. He will show you how to make your business, website, service, charity, or whatever project you have, literally go from zero to amazing. One of my favorite gigs is his gig I will give you a surefire method to Get Local Media Coverage for your business or cause using a Publicity idea you love GUARANTEED for $5. This seller is not just an amazing seller here on Fiverr though...he is an innovator and a free thinker. On the LinkedIn Fiverr group (believe me I'm glad we have one) he is a huge contributer on advice to other Fiverr sellers like myself! Anarchosfighter knows how to make a statement and he knows how to move an audience! Why annouce you're around and make a scene when people will find you and refer others! And believe me with gigs like his, people come straight to him and keep coming back. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars for advertising or business consultation when they can seek help from a professional like him for a starting price of $5. Now granted, I imagine if you want extensive service he doesn't come cheap, but his videos speak for themselves. If you want an amazing gig you need to seek out his gigs now!

Anarchosfighter I do have suggestions for you like I do a large majority of sellers. Why don't you have other gigs up. You should be putting up advice gigs or motivation gigs. You are an innovator and a free thinker. Fiverr needs more people like you! You need to have gigs offering people more than just business advice. You are absolutely amazing! You also need to come out with more consultation gigs where you're discussing marketing strategies by skype or via conversation. Believe me conversation sells! You have so many different ideas rattling in your brain and you need to keep churning out more! Also you should have gigs with higher lead times. What if you end up having 10 orders on 1 gig in 1 day. Are you able to complete them all? I would freak out! Well Thanks for letting me write about you and hope to keep talking to you more on the group. You all need to to check out his gigs. Next time I will discuss a virtual party clown who makes some awesome videos and was even featured on Tosh.0 and I still need to review Chrishardy's awesome Ren and Stimpy radio commercial he made last week. If you haven't checked out Fiverrtastics website yet you need to. I now have a seller of the day tab and I am updating the site all the time. go to . Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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