Monday, September 24, 2012

She Works Hard for Her Fiverr

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across this Fiverr seller who is absolutely amazing. I have seen and heard of her gigs many times, but I never have actually checked out her gigs extensively. Now, I see that this seller is a level 1 seller that is working so hard to become a level 2. When she becomes a level 2, I imagine she will become a very sucessful level 2. Her username is Cheekymm and she has talent like no other. Her testimonials are like the australian girl from next door. It just blows me away how much enthusiasm and wholesomeness she puts into each gig. You need to check out the video she did for my blog and facebook page.

 Cheekymm (or also know as Michelle) is just one of those sellers who I wanted to share because she went above and beyond! She gave the star treatment my blog and facebook page needed. It was a video that was simple, quick, and to the point. You absolutely have to check out her gigs, especially her fairy princess is so adorable! Just check out her gigs you'd be crazy not to! Michelle works 2 jobs outside of Fiverr to make ends meet and loves Fiverr. Her goal is to one day either be self employed or not work so much.

Cheekymm we already have talked extensively by message on how you need to improve to get to level 2. Don't fret it you will get there. Where there's a will theres a way! Add more detail in each gig like a few unseen gig extras that people can order. That's called downselling...something a customer can order before, during or or after the service. Always promote that tip gig to the customer too. Say to them "If you feel I went above and beyond or did exceptionally well here is my tip gig feel free to order 1 or more tips". Also, here is the most important...make sure you stick to what you believe. If you don't want to do adult content or other certain content then you tell a customer that. If  you disagree with a job, but you will do it with certain changes ask for extra. 

Asking the customer for more is not bad, it's just saying to the customer you're interested in the job, but you just want more. If you're going to be the spokesperson for a zit cream, a sex toy, or hemorrhoid cream you sure want more money! Believe me I know a few top rated sellers who can vouch for this. Believe me customers can and will  pay more than $5. They don't want to work for less than minimum wage and they don't want us to if the job is more than 15 minutes-1/2 hour. We spend more time editing or ensuring customers like the work and communicating with the customers than anything. (the behind the scenes work)

 So yeah you need to check out Cheekymm gigs if you want an amazing testimonial seller! I am going to be releasing another advice blog directed towards how to help Fiverr sellers. The top 10 ways to improve sales for a seller starting out or getting back into the game. If you want to add any advice add it in a comment or add it to the facebook page. Tune in next time when I discuss a Fiverr seller that goes by the name Anarchofighter. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day! :)

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