Friday, March 7, 2014

Security matters

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
It has come to my attention lately that some people on Facebook are complaining about Fiverr's security. I'm sorry but I have used Fiverr 3 yrs and never, ever had a serious problem. Allow me to give a few tidbits of advice to you people who have been hacked, think you're being hacked, or in fear of being hacked. 

(1) avoid phishing scams at all costs.

(2) don't broadcast things on the Fiverr Forum or LinkedIn. Anyone who posts something asking how much you have earned is probably suspicious and if you make a lot a week or a might get hacked. Don't be so naive...just don't answer or be vague and say something about things you bought.

(3) Don't add people you don't know on Facebook or other places. If you have only 1 common friend and you don't know the might not know them for a reason.

(4) Never give any personal info away...that's a big no no. 

(5) If you get Fiverr. 

(6) If they hacked your fiverr they might try to hack your paypal or other accounts. They will even switch the paypal to theirs.

(7) Here's a no brainer...never leave over 50-100 in your fiverr at any given time. Always deposit when you reach a large amount. Hackers will try and attack your account and if you got money they will steal it. They would sell their baby on e0bay if they could. Hackers are ruthless.

I hope this helps and if you do get hacked I hope Fiverr support helps close the account or helps you change the password and info back over. Hackers are dangerous but they can be stopped if you are smart and think like they would. Make sure you make a password not easy to guess with numbers,letters, and even characters. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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