Saturday, March 15, 2014

Picfreak strikes again

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
      I'm back again to discuss a new gig I ordered from Picfreak. it's not often I discuss a seller 2 times in the same month but this seller has some really cool gigs. This gig is a gig where I'm made to look like a Southpark character. He did an amazing job capturing the Southpark look and I am extremely happy with the gig. If you want an original gig with tons of creativity you need to choose Picfreak. This guy is super talented and you will have the most original facebook picture compared to any of your friends. Here is the picture(s) I received from him. Be jealous!

      Picfreak I want to give you a little advice...something I forgot to do last time. (I usually give pearls of wisdom every blog). Don't waste your time exhausting yourself on Fiverr gigs too long. Know when you have to take breaks, when too many gigs is enough, and when you are experiencing freelancer burnout. Gain some good exposure, land some good clients, and jet out of here as soon as you can. Or maybe work on here less than you did before. I want to be seriously honest with you that unless you get promoted to a top rated seller or start making more than $5 per gig you need to move on to bigger and better illustration projects. You are extremely talented. If I was remotely as gifted I would be selling illustrations on Fiverr or doing illustrations for children's books. I am amazing with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign...but i'm not a good drawing artist. I can Photoshop the hell out of things and edit the hell out of things, but you're good with illustration and cartooning...use that gift wisely. Until next time Fiverrtastic peeps have a good day.

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