Thursday, April 3, 2014

This could be your next avatar

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so recently I bought some gigs on Fiverr I hadn't got to review and I really wanted to review this one. Ok this is for another drawing gig for a caricature gig. I absolutely love this pic so much i put it as my Facebook photo temporarily. Some of you may wonder ok why should I by images and put them up as my Facebook picture or as an avatar on other social networking sites or forums. The answer is simple. Avatars make your profile fun and random. You don't look exactly like yourself and it gets other people on the bandwagon of wanting to shake things up a little too. Ok so the Fiverr seller I bought from was renatoautore and his gig is . This gig is absolutely amazing. The only thing I didn't like about the picture was a few little lines I was able to correct in Photoshop myself.

Here is the caricature I received:
Here's is what it looked like when I cleaned up the nose:

Could I maybe have cleaned it up more...ya but this is about trying to stay with the creativity artistic licensing of the person. I just got rid of the line on my nose that looked awkward.

Ok renatoautore I would like to take this time to discuss things you could do to improve your gigs.
1) change your delivery time. If you get a lot of orders 3 days is not gonna cut it.

2) Put up a few other drawing gigs

3) put up different gigs in different categories. I see you have drawing gigs and sign holding gigs. Maybe you could try doing video testimonials, written reviews, script writing, handmade goods, graphic design gigs, or other skills your good at. The more gigs you have the better. You can have up to 20. 10-13 gigs is usually about the sweet spot. people like to have a variety of gigs to choose from. it weeds out the sellers from the buyers.

4) I see that you have a female that does the sign gigs. if you have someone else who does the gigs with you...a girlfriend/wife maybe you should do 2 accounts or gigs that both you and her can both do separately..

5) Have fun working for Fiverr and it will never seem like work.

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers stay safe and have fun. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

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