Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ten second songs are where it's at

 Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
This blog is long, long overdue. I have been seriously busy and unable to write any blogs, but my Fiverrtastic page on Facebook has been pretty active. Ok so here it goes. I found a really cool Top Rated Seller on Fiverr recently...the seller is not very active though. Fiverr wrote a blog about him and if Fiverr took the time to write about him it must have been important. The sellers name is Tensecondsongs. He recently took a break (like a few other Top Rated Sellers I know) to pursue other projects. He is well known for his Katy Perry "Dark Horse" remix. He does 20 different musical versions in one parody. Seriously, if you haven't seen it you need to. while you check that one out check out the Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty to Me" parody/remix.  Ok so why am I featuring this seller if he doesn't have any active gigs right now? Why the hell not? He has charisma, style, and he has made it from being a Top Rated Seller to getting private clients outside of Fiverr. This guy is what I aspire to be. I wish I had his motivation. Here is the blog Fiverr wrote about him...if you have time read it. In the blog it talked about his video reaching over 4 million views. Now it's reached almost 8 million views almost 2 months later thanks to the blog and social networking. Seriously, this guy is sensational and I wish I had his drive and determination. While he's getting up early and working on any projects or starting his day...i'm sometimes going to bed.

  Tensecondsongs I salute you for being so creative. I wish I was more creative with multimedia and videos and had your drive and energy. You make some amazing videos and I hope you make more soon. I would love to have a jingle or small video created for my blog someday. We could talk about that someday maybe. Seriously peeps this seller is the real deal. When he's not doing projects he plays in a band. I have met a few other Fiverr sellers like that. It takes a lot of dedication to do that. Hey Fiverrtastic peeps let's see if we can get the Jason Derulo video over 4 million views and te Katy Perry video to reach 10 million.

I just want people to knowthat the reason why it took so long to put out a blog is I have been overwhelmed with projects as of late. I need to take a day off and refuse. I also need help managing my page and writing my blog but I'm stubborn. I want to reach out to the Fiverrtastic community and ask if anyone is interested. If you have a seller you want to write a blog about or you have a gig you bought that you want to rave about run it by me. Also, I am always looking for people to add content to my facebook page, if you think you might be good at it let me know. I can't pay for this but you can put your name or nickname at the end of the posting or the blog. You could also add a blog or website signature to direct people to a blog you write or direct people to your Fiverr. Well that's it for now. Have a Fiverrtastic day peeps.

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