Monday, September 1, 2014

Professor Puppet strikes again

Ok so as you all know I am working on getting traffic to my website and creating awesome videos with Top Rated Sellers. One Fiverr seller I think is awesome is Professorpuppet. He is a very talented testimonial actor and videographer on Fiverr. I have written about him once before and plan to order off him sometime in the near future possibly. So what was the video I ordered from him you ask. Well let me show you:

I think the professor deserves a standing ovation for what he created. He has superb talent and anyone who can have a motorcycle accident and come back working on projects so quickly I admire. Thank you Mark for the job well done and may our paths cross really soon. I have no pearls of Fiverr wisdom for you like I do others. You're doing things right and you're an inspiration to myself and others in the Fiverr community.Next time I will discuss theadtwins again. Until then have an awesome day Fiverrtastic peeps.

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