Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trusting a traffic gig is like...

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
If you wonder about the title "Trusting a traffic gig is like trusting a dog to watch your food. Ok so you all know that I have been trying to become sucessful with branding my business name for a long time now. I have gone by Custom Creationz for awhile now and with each release of a new website and new provider i'm learning as little more about how to have a successful website.  I have made more of an online presence on Fiverr and on my blog than I have on my website and it's a shame. I'm here to tell you that 95% of traffic and SEO blogs are complete garbage and only care about the high dollar upsells. These people don't tell you that you can do the same thing with traffic generators, backlink softwares, and traffic sharing websites because if it was that easy you wouldn't need them. Ok i'm not even going to say who the seller on Fiverr was even though I should. The person was a Top Rated Seller, yet they gave me less than a top rated experience. I should have just gave them $5 to do nothing. They gave me a BS cookie cutter pdf thanking me for the order and saying that in order to give me better service it would cost a minimum of (2) $100 gig extras. If I had $200 to shell out on SEO services it sure wouldn't be on Fiverr. For anyone who's curious this is my site

 Ok supposedly this person was supposed to increase my ranking by building 40,000 blog backlinks and 10,000 traffic hits. I seen no sign of traffic and if I did a backlink search, the backlinks are probably non existent. So that is why I posted a thief image, I may as well given my money away. I'm refusing to leave a review at all because this will bug the seller even more. I have gotten almost 500 hits on my website and almost 1000 on this blog just in the past week. I did it myself without the help of some person who claims to be an SEO professional. Let's just say this much, I am not happy with the way some of the people on Fiverr are conducting business. If I wanted to work with or order from sellers who have multiple people selling on one account I would work for Freelancer. I have a Freelancer account and all the people with small business accounts get all the orders. The people working for themselves get no orders. The larger accounts pay their freelancers 10% -20% of what they are really worth and keep the profit. I see jobs all the time where people are willing to pay $1.50 for 500 words.  Ok enough ranting, I just want to tell all of you that you don't need to order off a Fiverr seller to do web-listings and to get basic traffic and backlinks. Are you sitting close to the screen...CLOSER.  

Ok here's the secrets you've been waiting for. These are the links you can use to help build up traffic. These are unique views, but they all show up from the same centralized server because that's where the websites are from. So when you look at your statistics it will say "300" from this site. ok here's the sites I found that work the best.

Well I hope this was able to help you out and I hope to see some comments about this. Also the best way to guarantee to get proper SEO and SERPS ranking is to order services from a professional. If anyone is interested in guest blogging about a gig please contact me. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

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