Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fiverrtastic is looking for contributors

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
Have you wanted to get your feet wet writing blogs? Do you like the blog content of Fiverrtastic? Are you interested in writing for a blog dedicated in offering fresh content all the time. Fiverrtastic is the blog to write for. I am having trouble keeping up with writing fresh content. I am also not able to find blogs that entice me lately and need other peoples opinions. I was going to try and make this a daily blog but I have been overwhelmed with Fiverr gigs and freelance work lately. This is strictly voluntary submissions and I really can't pay very much if anything per posting. What I can offer you is the chance to get your name out there as a writer and if you are a seller on Fiverr I will promote your gigs on my Facebook page and on my blog. This is you're chance to shine. If you're interested in getting your feet wet in the field of writing contact me today. 

All you have to do is review a gig that you bought from a seller. If you didn't buy one but your passionate about a seller then review that gig. Please don't review your own gig. Let someone else review your gig. Ok well hope to hear from you all soon and have a Fiverrtastic day.

1 comment:

  1. Josh, I'd like to connect with you on Fiverr stuff, even blog writing for you if that's something that will help. I've recently purchased some gigs and would love to write about my experience. Let me know what you need from me to get started. Thanks for doing this blog. It's a great resource for Fiverr buyers and sellers.