Saturday, December 28, 2013

Illustrated to life

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
      Today I want to talk about a really cool gig I came across through another Fiverr seller people may know as giggle blossom the virtual party clown. Ok so Giggle Blossom got a really cool illustration from an artistic Fiverr seller by the name of alifia. For all who are not familiar with her work're about to be. This seller is like a new version of Tofupanda who doesn't have any active gigs on Fiverr right now. She also reminds me of Fiverr seller hironan, So why am I talking about a new seller like this? I see a lot of potential in alifia and I think she will do really well on Fiverr if she applies herself. I remember there was a time I didn't take Fiverr as serious as I should of...and I regret it.

       So here's what I did to help out alifia. I offered her the chance to be featured in Fiverrtastic if she decided to offer me a free gig. It's a fair trade off. I charge $5 just to be featured in my blog. Ok so I'm going to offer some criticism to help you and I am going to give you feedback to make your sales on Fiverr a breeze. Ok, the first thing you should do is post more than one gig. put up another illustration gig or maybe a few. Also put up a tip gig. This will come in handy when people want to tip you for a job well done and don't want to reorder the same gig. It also comes in handy when you suspend gigs because you want to take a break. Make sure you put a time limit of 4-7 days for the tip gig. Even though it doesn't take that long to complete a gig with no deliverable just give it extended time. 

  alifia get that negative rating fixed. That person gave you positive rating with a thumbs down. Contact Fiverr support and ask them to fix it. You could try and contact the buyer and ask them to reverse it.You want a really good rating starting off. A good rating looks better when you want to become a Top Rated Seller. TRS are hand chosen by Fiverr Support. Remember to just have fun and don't rush your work here on Fiverr. You will be a level 1 and level 2 here on Fiverr soon enough. I really think that you are going to be an amazing seller and will be a hit for the new year.

Check out this illustration alifia did for me. I think she did an amazing job. Order your gig from her today and get in line for a piece of greatness. Until next time peeps have a Fiverrtastic day and Happy Holidays.

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