Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spice things up with some graffiti

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog but I decided it would be  better time than ever to discuss a birthday gig I got for my girlfriend. A few weeks ago I ordered a graffiti tag for my girlfriend. I made one mistake and instead of spelling it "Lady Jestor" I spelled it Lady Jester". She still liked how the graffiti tag came out. The sellers name is ivan886 and he does amazing artwork! He got 2 bad ratings recently but don't let the percentage steer you away. He makes awesome artwork and this is way beyond what you pay for! This seller will make an awesome tag for your website or Facebook wall. it works amazing as a signature or a logo. If you need sn amazing graffiti tag check this seller out now! again his user name is ivan886. Check out his portfolio and see exactly what he created for other buyers.

ivan886 I have a few suggestions for you. Post some more gigs first of all. You're extremely talented. Secondly, if you have a negative customer like your most recent customer don't let the customer take control. Remember the customer is always right, but you're in control. Be willing to compromise and haggle if you did 2 orders you should have offered a refund of one in exchange of changing her ratings to get you back to 100%. Negative ratings will literally tear your gig to shreds! Don't let that happen. Oh and by the way contact your previous buyers and ask them if they need more work. especially if they really liked the first order. it will help you when you launch a new gig. Make sure you keep the gig open I will be ordering again really soon for my blog. :)

Oh and by the way if you enjoy Breka's artwork when I discussed him a few months ago, you're going to love this piece he did for me. Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a Fiverrtastic day.

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