Saturday, October 6, 2012

Save your money, These sellers aren't worth it

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok I know that I'm a huge supporter of Fiverr and work from home opportunities. I sell gigs on Fiverr myself. I'm a level 2 seller with 100% on most of my gigs. I'm also the type of person that believes that you use whatever skills your good at to make money. But, If you're skills include lying or offering more of a service than you really offer then I think it's time to close shop. Fiverr, for the most part, is based on trustworthy gigs where the seller develops a long standing customer rapport. But there are few sellers and far between that you should probably save your money and not order.
One of them is a Facebook like gig  . The seller promises 2000 likes, but doesn't tell you that they do it via software and the likes are utter rubbish. He "supposedly" increased my like count on my blog by 2000. That's funny because I always keep track of my like count and it would be well over 5000 if he added the likes like he said he did. Whether the seller did the likes through my blog or directed people to my facebook page, if he did it right and not with some chinsy software i'm sure he could have brought me a lot of actual followers. If he brought me an actual 2000 folowers to my blog itself I would have 5 or 10 times more people reading it right now. The sellers excuse why I couldn't get likes to my actual page is because in my written description it says fanpage. Well hello this is a page about Fiverr! If you look at the Facebook page it says its a community page of Fiverr though. I was so angry at the gig delivery I didn't even rate the gig. oh ya here's the sellers "proof" they delivered your 2000 likes. Seriously a plugin!

If you want a good twitter gig those are few and far between too. The one seller I ordered a tweet gig off honestly doesn't understand anything. I gave her 3 unique posts with less than 140 characters and she came back saying my blog and my promo site had deals. the posts I gave her were changed and all said that Fiverrtastic has great deals. What deals? The only thing I was happy with was her delivery speed and ability to work under pressure...there was a lot of gigs ahead of me. That gig that you want to avoid is

It's takes a lot for me to write a negative blog. When a seller doesn't do the basic duties of either: following the buyers basic directions or doing something the buyer didn't ask for, it can be catastrophic.
until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

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