Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dtong's got it going on

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I come to you today to talk about a Fiverr seller who literally works his a$$ off doing what he loves. He has a hip hop sports radio show on blog talk radio and he will play your advertisement or song on the air on his blogtalkradio show for $5. Ya i didn't stutter $5! The sellers name is dtongsports and he has amazing radio advertising gigs. If you want to promote your song or promote your business look no further than dtong. He does an amazing job with his radio show. And believe me I know. not many people on blogtalk radio are live everyday and if they are they don't have the greatest of a show. This show is exciting, innovative, and he tries to keep it going every day or at least every other day. Now that's dedication! This is one seller you can't miss.
check out his blogralkradio show now. Also you need to check out his website too.

Dan I have no advice on your gigs. you have some great gigs. just keep doing what your doing and promote the hell out of the gigs.I think your radio show is amazing and I will order again really soon! Like I said before I can't thank this guy enough for the shout out he playd both of my radio commercials i had! I was surprised as hell at that. Thank you so much dtongsports .

I wanted to release this blog yesterday but I got busy with a lot of different things. I guess i've just been losing focus on things and that isn't fair to you the reader. So I want to know if theres people out there who are interested in contributing to the blog. send me written submissions on fiverr orders you recieved with a positive or negative review. Or send me a written review of your gig. Keep it short at about 300-500 words with a few graphics. Short and simple and to the point. This is a fiverr community I want you to all feel welcome to send in submissions. Until Next Time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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