Friday, October 12, 2012

SEO services for cheap prices

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you been looking for someone skilled in SEO but have been disappointed time and time again? Well look no further than Fiverr seller ghelmegeanu. This Fiverr seller will create a must have SEO report for any website and also analyze your first competitor in Google for your main keyword for $5. For anyone that knows a thing or 2 about SEO services this is extremely cheap! You need to check out this gig before his queue starts to fill up. Good gigs like this are few and far between and with a 4 day estimated time of arrival that can't be beat! ghelmegeanu is the go to guy is the go to guy for anything SEO! He just started 9 days ago and already has 1 order in queue on 2 of his gigs. You need to check out his gigs now!

 ghelmegeanu I do have a few suggestions for you as a seller. The first is an obvious one and that is to put up a few more gigs. The next one is obvious too and that's to put up a tip gig. The third thing you need to do is spread the word everywhere. run a few web ads on different sites. Fiverr sellers offer web ads on there High page ranked sites for $5. Take advantage of a $5 offer. I even post my ads for longer than a month on my site. Oh and one other suggestion is to make videos for your gigs. People are more inclined to order if you have a video explaining the service. Next  seller i will be blogging about is going to be a secret so stay tuned. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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