Friday, June 8, 2012

Update Part 2

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Yesterday I discussed readers who have made it to Top Rated Seller from level 1 or Level 2. Today I want to discuss sellers who have made it from Level 1 to Level 2 and are doing really well at Level 2.

Level 1 to level 2

Youtubefun: He is a little wacky and he might be certifiable, but his quick turnaround time and his tenacity to do 1 and 2 day gigs has made him a level 2 seller in just a mere 3 months. This guy is literally going places. if he was on a reality show i would watch him. Hopefully he becomes a TRS soon because he deserves to. If you want to see some of his work go to

 Catvertising: When I first met her on Fiverr she was only a level one and she was doing really well but she just wasn't getting the whole Fiverr thing yet. After talking to her extensively and writing a blog for her she became a level 2 not long after. I wish her much luck as a level 2 and hope she becomes a TRS someday.

Adamrussel: The cheer up video guy. When I first met him he didn't even have a level. Sam Cornwell The community manager and a Top Rated seller on Fiverr referred me to him after sending a cheer up video to me. Adam is now a level 2 seller and his gigs are quite steady. Adam if you read this good luck with your future endeavors man. You're very talented and you have lots of potential. Fiverr is just a starting point for you.

Voiceworkpro- You all remember her right? The Marilyn Monroe lookalike. She actually sounded like her too and she is amazingly talented. She went from Level 1 to Level 2 and she is going to be featured in LA weekly. I will keep you updated on the Fiverrtastic Facebook Page.

Gorungigs: Remember him? He did a lot of drawing gigs. He's most famous for the swipe drawing video gig and for using his dog Ozzy in video gigs. He has a variety of different gigs for people to choose from. He made it to level 2 nt long after I blogged about him. Awesome Job! May you become a TRS someday!

tn5rr2012: The seller who would read your family history. She would literally go back as far as 4 generations or farther investigating your family history. At first, when I met her on a Fiverrwall, a Fiverr facebook page, she had no level, then she skyrocketed to level 1. Then she went to level to. She had to cancel orders here and there and I guess because she cancelled too many orders Fiverr demoted her. They didnt just demote her she lost her badge. She was still getting steady orders but she had no badge. We talked, she got it straightened around and Tada! She's a level 2 again

Missoptimistic: Last but certainly not least is the lady with mad beats! She made Fiverrtastic sound cool with a Lyrical poem. She's gotten a decent amount of orders since I worked with her. Hey where's the tip gig? Oh awesome job on putting up a voiceover gig. If you ever need help coming up with ideas for gigs get a hold of me. :)

Now lets discuss the people who have left Fiverr or Taken a break to pursue other interests.

SpandyAndy: Last time i knew on his Facebook page he was keeping it tight and bright in Australia. He is pursuing other interests doing street entertaining spreading his colorful joy with the world. But from what I can see on his Facebook page it looks like he is back in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I hope you come back to Fiverr someday. SpandyAndy I will miss you.

Mrevilhairday: Remember the bean guy I ordered off. Of course you do. I was turned into a bean and I looked pretty cool as a bean! Well he went on a much needed sabbatical from doing gigs. Whether he comes back or not remains to be seen. But I wish him luck while he pursues other interests and takes a much needed break from gigs.

Pidge121 She was the Woman who drew me a tattoo design of the angel and devil wing and the realistic portrait of myself. She is a very talented artist. She decided to stop doing gigs to focus on her tattoo artist career. Believe me there is more money to be made as a Tattoo artist. I wish you luck in your future endeavors Pidge even though we see each other on Facebook

Matographer- The frog put away his frog suit unfortunately and is no longer selling gigs. I haven't seen him on in over 2 months. He had some really cool gigs too. Whatever You're doing Matographer I wish you much success.

Brack3n- They are the husband and wife duo who did jingles and personalized songs for people. They are either taking a break or they have stopped selling all together. the gig is on pause so i imagine they are taking a break.

If you have ideas for people you want to see on Fiverrtastic or if you want to be part of Fiverrtastic contact me on my Fiverrtastic Facebook page. Have a Fiverrtastic Day everyone. I may write another blog today if i have time. if not it will be tomorrow. This gig is really cool too. But I'm going to keep it a secret.

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