Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Voice for the Masses

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Do you often wonder about commercials you hear on the radio and popular commercials and who does those types of commercials. Sometimes the person in charge of scouting out a voice over talent looks no further than people like the seller I'm going to discuss today. The seller's username is Voiceovershawn. Shawn is a professional broadcaster with decades of major market experience. His voice overs are high quality and he always delivers on time. In his intro Fiverr intro video he sent I heard samples of commercials he did for Fleetwood Homes, Cisco, Visa Check Card, Budweiser, Dominos, and Energizer. This seller is more than just a voice over artist he is a professional at what he does in the voice over business. The gig I want to discuss, the only gig he has active right now is I Will Do A Professional Major Market Voice over For $5. He has had 3 positive sales on this gig and I think if more people took notice he would go from a level 1 seller to a level 2 seller. I have noticed a lot of people that after being on Fiverrtastic Blog go up one level or even become Top Rated Sellers a few months after the blog was written. Why not spend $5 on a professional voiceover artist whose done commercials for some of the big name companies I listed above. It honestly doesn't get bigger than Budweiser and Visa. Honestly, what's $5 the cost you pay for lunch or an expensive coffee. You can get an amazing voice over for your next commercial (music is an extra gig) for $5. Just look at the details of the gig and ask Shawn any questions you have before ordering if you need to. 

Voiceovershawn This is where I give you some advice to make it to a new level or to be a more successful seller. Put up a few more gigs for people to order. The more gigs you have the more people will notice your seller page. For instance, maybe you can sell voice overs for audio books for 2 minutes each gig. or maybe you could do script writing for commercials. Or maybe you could offer product testimonials and product reviews by voice over as well. You could also do Voiceovers for Voice-mail, teleprompter, and  other phone based services. You have an amazing voice for a guy almost like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs or Alan Kalter from David Letterman Show. Both of them do voice overs and both of them can really captivate an audience. You almost sound like radio personality Tom Griswold from Bob and Tom radio show. You captivated my attention immediately. Check out his intro video below. 

Check out Voiceovershawn and you'll be glad you did. He will make an amazing voice over for you. What are you waiting for check him out now. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

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