Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is a Highway

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
So today I was looking on the Fiverr Facebook page and came across a seller by the name of Sixlanehighway. They have only been on the scene 4 months and they are a level 2 seller. I say "They" because Sixlanehighway is a small multimedia company that has worked with such clients as the rap group Three 6 Mafia, Deanland studios, and award winning children's reading website Sixlanehighway expanded their services to Fiverr to offer services for an everyday customer that may be looking for a professional in the biz. Believe me I know it's not easy having to weed out the pros from the not so pro here over on Fiverr. That's why I'm here. A professional in graphic design and multimedia myself I was amazed by the services they offer for $5! Maybe its strategic marketing more than anything. I remember when I first started doing my own graphic design site I didn't want to compromise below certain fees. But, in economic times like these it's feasible to make a risk like promoting your services on Fiverr. A large amount of my clientele come straight from Fiverr. I imagine as their gigs start to blow up Fiverr they will start getting a huge client base too. 

Ok so I'm going to feature a different gig than Fiverr's Facebook page did. I'm going to show off their CD cover gig. They will literally make a CD cover for your band or whatever you need a cd cover for. Like I said they did a CD cover for Three 6 Mafia. You can't get much more pro than that! Now I can design logos and I can design Ebook covers. I have designed a variety of different print multimedia but never done a CD cover so I give you mad props guys. it takes a lot of patience and diligence to make a nice cd or dvd cover. And to sell it for $5 is just mind blowing. Sixlanehighway also does projects like photo realistic mockups, Facebook timeline covers, a video intro like "Lost", and even getting your multimedia work featured on IMDB. check out the video for their CD cover gig below. 

Sixlanehighway I have a few tips for you that may increase your sales on Fiverr. Try offering a few more video intro gigs like the lost one. people eat that up. I don't know why but animated videos are awesome ways of getting the name out. Keep the seller profile fresh. Any gigs that aren't selling or making much put them on suspend or get rid of them. Always keep cranking out new ideas. Customers like when you keep things fresh. Besides that I got nothing your site is good and the Fiverr seller profile is good. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic Day.

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