Monday, June 18, 2012

A Video Worth Your Five

 Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I came across this really cool gig where this Fiverr seller will make an amazing video. Not just any video it's animated. It's an animated testimonial where the characters are computer animated cartoon characters. It's a 20 video per every $5 and you have several characters to choose from. If you want to add an additional character it's another gig. If you want to add a logo or text on screen it's a $5 gig extra. The sellers username is Deaun1 and she has some really cool gigs. She is a level 2 seller and the variety of gigs she has are definitely worth checking out. The gig I'm referring to is I will create a 20 second cartoon commercial for you for $5 and it is well worth $5. This gig is done in an estimated time of 7 days or less. She could offer a video like this for $10 or $15 per 20-30 but she isn't. Animators make an upwards of $30-$50 an hour or more depending on if it's illustration or CGI. This gig is a must have for $5 every 20 secs. A 1 minute animated commercial for $15 when some places may charge $50 or even $100 or more. Ya I would jump on it! She has other amazing gigs too all to do with animation and she does these gigs in 7 days or less. Most of them are done in 1 or 2 days. Seriously, What are you waiting for get off your duff and go check out her username Deaun1 right now. I've already looked at a few of her gig's I could use later on to promote Fiverrtastic.

Deaun1 I have some advice for you. I always give some sort of advice to the person I'm writing for. You have 20 gigs. That's great that you have that many some people try the 20 gig limit and either can't get that many or can't come up with that many. Kudos to you! Have people add your gigs to their collections. I'm going to add a few to mine after I finish this blog. If you feel like you get overwhelmed at all and sometimes we do as sellers put a few gigs on suspend. Lastly, take advantage of Fiverr pages that allow subscribers to show their gigs to other subscribers. some subscribers are not just other Fiverr sellers their Fiverr customers. My Fiverrtastic Fanpage on Facebook likes to have gigs on it every now and then. I just put your animated one on it. :) Oh and if you don't already have some sort of fanpage for your gigs do one. Facebook has free pages. It's a great way to promote sales.Check out Deaun1's gig video below.

So, if you want a cool gig that is worth your five check out Deaun1's animated advertisement video gig. Believe me you'll be glad you did. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

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