Thursday, June 14, 2012

Felling Kinda Yellow?

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Do you often wonder how you would look like as a Simpson character? Of course you do...we all do! There are a lot of different sellers on here that can help you become immortalized like a work of Simpson art. The seller's username I ordered off was Eliana93fer and this seller will literally take any high quality head shot and turn it into a Simpsons picture. If you want something a little more above and beyond this seller will draw the whole body for an extra $5, Draw you alongside Homer For an extra $10, and Draw you alongside the family for an extra $50. The seller took my picture and made an amazing Simpson like picture out of it. I ordered off this seller instead of another seller like Zilchy, because Eliana is a Top rated Seller and has multiple drawing gigs. The talent and skill that Eliana93fer is just amazing and the variety of gigs to choose from is like wow! I'm going to admit the reason why I chose to have another artistic gig in the first place is A) I love artistic gigs and B) Molleemay (the girl who donates money to her brothers classroom fell through). She didn't complete the gig and I gave her 7 extra days. That's over a month. She had another cancel before me too. So if you want to look immortalized like a Simpsons character and don't want to have a long wait in queue choose Eliana93fer because the gig is amazing!

I usually give advice to a seller at the end of my blog but you're a TRS Eliana93fer So I don't have much advice to offer. Here's a few tips: make sure all of your gigs have at least one gig extra (3 of them don't), put up a tip gig and mark it for 4 days or longer, and update your gigs regularly. Besides that you're doing an amazing job as a Top Rated seller and I wish you much success. Hope to work with you again in the near future. For anyone who hasn't seen my Simpsons inspired photo yet from my Facebook or my fan page look below.

 Thank you for reaching over 90 blogs and for over 6200 views. What a wild ride this has been so far and we've only just begun! Fiverr is expanding everyday and always having new gigs for me to talk about. If you have a gig you want me to talk about or if you know a gig you want to see on here get a hold of me! I am always looking for new gigs to discuss. Until next time Fiverrtastic Readers have a great day!

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