Monday, June 11, 2012

Marketing in a Tangled Web

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,

    Ok so I recently came across this really cool seller by the username Hilgard. He got my interest because some of the gigs he offers are innovative and creative. He offers SEO and Advertising gigs to help promote peoples businesses and websites. One thing he does is helps promote people through article marketing. So in a way he's helping people kind of like I am. Here check out more information about what he does here . People who offer these type of services can make really good money if they advertise their services right and if they are able to get their clients to to advertise by word of mouth. The one gig i want to promote of his is I will successfully promote and rank your fiverr gig, article, or website like crazy for $5 . For $5 this is an absolute bargain. This guy seems is the real deal when it comes to SEO and internet marketing and his ratings speak for themselves. He's a level 2 seller and all of his gigs are rated 100%. That is exceptional. A lot of my gigs are rated 100% but I have a few that aren't because of negative customers in the past. This seller will definitely give you amazing service just check all of his ratings. 

     Hilgard I do have suggestions for you like I always do other sellers based on my own experiences being here almost 2 years. I think you should have a tip gig. Time it for 4 days or longer because your ETA is 2-4 days for a lot of your gigs. Oh and I see another thing you could probably fix. You may not be busy now but as soon as the SEO gigs start to dwindle down or people get overloaded with work they will suspend their gigs. They might take a break even and you will be get hit with gigs hard! So you might want to change the ETA (estimated Time of Arrival to 6 or 7 days when you start getting busier. believe me people will wait if its a good gig and your gigs will build up more too.
    Hilgard Create a few new gigs. Maybe some Facebook advertising ones. The twitter is great but don't leave out the other social networking sites. Also, I think that if you did video tutorials or a troubleshooting gig to help people with their website problems that might be cool too. Hilgard You have some nice gigs keep up the good work. If you aren't checking out his gigs yet why the hell not. Go now and check them out. Just click on his name or his picture. 
     Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers. We have reached just over 6000 views and over 3000 Facebook fans. Keep up the amazing work. Tell everyone how much you love Fiverr and How much you love Fiverrtastic Blog. :)

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