Thursday, January 31, 2013

Triple exposure for your Fiverr


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Check out the newest addition to Fiverrtastic. She's new on the scene and she makes awesome photographic wallpapers. The Fiverr sellers username is Leafover and she does some amazing work! She creates work like I have never seen before and it's probably worth triple or quadruple what she charges bare minimum. I may just have to order off her again very, very soon. When I first seen her gigs they were still fairly new and her overall gig rating was a 75%. Over the course of a week she has increased her gig rating by 16% and it is now up to 91% overall. I'm eager to see what she could offer as a level 1 or level 2 seller. She reminds me of myself. I knew what it was like to struggle my first few months and then my gig average leveled out. I think she can do some awesome work here on Fiverr if people just give her a chance. Check out the banner she did for me that I'm going to using on the blog page.

Leafover I have a few suggestions for you. I think that you would do well if you had a few video gigs too. I'm also excited to see you explore other opportunities too like voiceover gigs or other graphic design gigs. Never get too cozy doing one thing too long. Always have a variety of gigs for your clients because your clients are always going to be rapidly expanding. Thank you for the amazing banner i will be in touch with you for more soon. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


  1. This does seem like a pretty awesome Fiverr gig. I checked out her page and her work seems pretty good. This is something that I might use in the future so thanks for the great article.

  2. I'm not sure I really understand why someone would buy this. Am I missing something here because it's just a picture of her holding a sign. Is she famous or something? Good for her for getting a bunch of sales though.

  3. Sign holding is popular on Fiverr, but triple exposure pictures are very rare. so far i have only seen her and another girl do them. I think it's unique.