Monday, January 28, 2013

Clicking all the way to the bank

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Have you wondered how you can make more money online? Well there are different freelance opportunities like Fiverr and many other notable sites. But, then there are many different promotions and e-books out there that can help you harness the potential to generate even more income. There are many websites and e-books popping up about people who have made it big and still do make it big on Fiverr. This one Fiverr seller I came across teaches CPA and ClickBank promotions. The sellers name is gigitall and this seller is the guru of promotion. Her gig I will teach you how to make cool money from CPA for $5 is a 24 hr gig. How can you go wrong honestly! you get your gig fast like a pizza. :) She has had 2 orders in the past month and I think she could do pretty well if she became a level 1 or level 2 seller. 

 There are thousands of people right now who have made it big on the Clickbank, Google Adsense, and the Youtube cashcow. The revenue they have coming in is like a secondary or sometimes a primary income. There are quite a few top rated video sellers who have made good money from advertising. I won't name drop any of them right now because some of them I have mentioned in previous blogs. Clickbank is a whole different jungle though and people not familiar with it should get familiar. Believe me if you're into making money online, this could be right up your alley. gigitall can show you how if you just order off her today.

Ok so here's where I like to play devils advocate. gigitall how do you plan to get to level one if you're not really getting any orders on your gigs. The blog promotion is a huge help, but have you advertised other places or had blogs or articles spinned with other sellers. I imagine you could set up an ad in minutes with your expertise. I have another huge suggestion....ditch the gig with a 0% it reflects negatively. if you force cancelled because client dispute when you could have got help from Fiverr support It reflects negatively on the gig, especially a new one. Sink the ship and recreate the gig another day. I notice you have all these promotion gigs, if you have other types of gigs you could do in something like social networking put them up. Seriously shoot for the moon you can have up to 20 gigs. Also, put up a tip gig, but remember to streamline it, that means to leave the instructions to buyer empty. Only describe the gig saying it's a tip gig if the the customer feels you went above and beyond when giving them service. Whatever skill sets you have make a gig out of them. If you want to check out a cool seller who has gigs in CPA and internet marketing check out gigitall today. Believe me you won't be disappointed! Until next time Fiverrtastic readers catch you on the flipside and have a
Fiverrtastic day!


  1. Is this actually legit? I'm actually pretty skeptical about this kind of stuff so I don't know if it's something I would buy. I appreciate you writing about it and pointing it out though.

    1. I'm kind of wondering the same thing. At least the nice thing about it is that it only costs five dollars so you're not going to lose much if it's not exactly as advertised. I might try this out since it could be pretty awesome if it's legit.

  2. Clickbank campaigns are totally legit but whether or not blackhat stuff like this is allowed on Fiverr is another story. I just wrote about it because the seller was nice. I met him through the Fiverr Forum and decided it would be nice to discuss him.