Saturday, January 12, 2013

A handmade gig you can't miss

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers, 
I came across this really cool gig on Fiverr a few days ago that I wanted to talk about. It's a really cool stone carving pendant. In the gig the seller offers 2 unisex stone carving pendants. Unisex means it's made for both male and female so why not order the gig for you and someone else. It's well worth it. Believe me this seller has some really cool gigs. Her username is sumsheetal and she has some really cool handmade gigs. If you need a nice gift for someone and not sure what to order why not order a stone carving pendant. 


These pendants look so cool and the look well worth the $5. Why not order more than 1 gig. Valentines day is just around the corner this is just the perfect gift! I do have some suggestions to make your gigs better sumsheetal. Have you tried pinning your handmade products on Pinterest and linking your Fiverr? Have you tried selling your products on Etsy or other handmade product sites. You have amazing products and the more you get exposure the more gigs you will get on Fiverr too. It will increase you're internet rankings above other gigs and you will be able to get orders more smoothly. If you haven't checked this gig out yet you need to. 

By the way Fiverrtastic is still working on coming up with content for a newsletter and we are coming up with a new blog idea for bad Fiverr gigs. If you have ever had a bad Fiverr experience send it to me. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day! 

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