Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bring your website to the masses

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Along my twisted journey here I have met many different people. None have been more interesting then this next sellers gig. The sellers name is KingJoe. I assume that "his majesty" is a he, so I will refer to as such. The gig that he offers exclusively to Fiverr is pretty bad-ass, if I do say so myself. Believe me if I had the extra right now I would be ordering.
 (I am kinda in a pinch waiting for a few larger Fiverr deposits and already have a few gigs in mind I'm ordering for the blog) This seller will literally turn any website from unnoticeable to noticeable in a flash. The gig I'm referring to is where he will submit your site URL to over 750K search engines and directories site submission for $5 . He will get your site listed on all the most popular search engines with a little software called TrafficSeeker.  

Believe me...I tried out the free lite version and was impressed. The software is phenomenal and has a really nice user friendly interface. I didn't really like it that well because I wasn't able to upload more than my first page...maybe I was unfamiliar with the territory. Maybe I need to get more knowledge with the software itself. It's not like graphic design and multimedia software or your run of the mill computer software. I got lost one time setting up and verifying backlinks. Let's leave it to the pros like Kingjoe shall we. I'll do the designing and let others do the rest. If you want to order from a true professional order from Kingjoe

Ok so let's get down to the nitty gritty. Kingjoe you have been on Fiverr 2 years, you're rated 100% and still a level 2 seller. I think it's time to raise hell my friend. Don't storm the castle yet, just change things up a bit. I am a level 2 seller, I have had negatives in my past yes, but none recently. I need to get some of mine fixed. I think you should be a Top Rated Seller by now. I imagine you're familiar with the ways of getting sales here on FiverrYou also probably work as a freelancer in SEO and web design. Just a guess. I gotta say though Kingjoe your stats are impressive. The only issue I see is you don't have enough active gigs going at once and you haven't established enough client rapport. On the one gig you have 113 completed gigs with positive reviews. That's freaking amazing! you should offer web design here on Fiverr if it is a service you can do. Do the coding for $5 and 1 page at a time $5 each. There are plenty more ideas too.Think of ways to expand up and out. You could offer a package deal maybe? Kingjoe I wish you so much luck here on Fiverr. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day! 


  1. Thank You Josh for your kind words and wonderful suggestions. I pretty much stick to what I do best and that's the submissions. Being that I own the top level professional Trafficseeker, there is much more that gets done than the trial versions. One SEO tip you can share with site owners is to make sure their meta tags are in place for the site title, keywords and description.
    Best Regards,

  2. Wow! That is the biggest SEO gig I've ever seen. KingJoe is already a success and an inspiration for the SEO side of Fiverr.

  3. This seems like a really great deal. I'm always a little bit skeptical of these types of services but the feedback doesn't lie. I might have to check this out for my own blog.

  4. i got to your site today through google search engine and the information on your blogspot is powerful and it really help me on my fiverr gigs. ALSO i would like to link my blog to your blog.