Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is Your Book Worth Five?

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so it occurred to me that I don’t talk enough about promotion gigs. Fiverr has now just surpassed over 1 million gigs and this is by far the most under-appreciated. This seller known as  Booktourradio will promote your Book onour AUTHOR Book Tour site Plus tweet to 10,000+ on our 4 lists for $5. So if you have a book that you want to promote why not take the $5 plunge! C’mon it’s only $5 to advertise your book! How often do you get to advertise something for $5…let me think about that…never again in your life will you ever advertise for $5. So if you have a book that needs promoting by social networking then give Booktourradio a try. This seller will blow you away just by what they can do for you. I wouldn’t be putting this seller on my blog If I didn’t have high hopes in their expertise.  So if you have a book or an e-book you want to promote give Booktourradio a try. They will give your book that extra oomph it needs to make it a best seller. If you mention You found out about Booktourradio through Fiverrtastic then they will throw in some extra publicity on a PR2 Book Blog.
Check out the video of that promotes their service below. And if you like this service they have a wide array of other services 

Booktourradio I want to give you some advice just like I do other sellers. Go ahead and expand your services. Don’t be afraid to always put up different gigs. If you’re good with social networking and promotions gigs put more up. I see already that you’re going to do very well with promotional gigs. You may even do well with advertising gigs like making commercials for other people. Don’t be afraid to charge people more than 1 gig if needed or offering $10 gig extras. When you become a level 2 seller or top rated seller don’t be afraid to offer a $20 gig extra or a $50 gig extra. I just noticed something I constantly tell new sellers all the time you don’t have a tip gig. Put up a tip gig. People will give tips when you do good work. Just refer them to your tip link or if they want to give extra send them the link in a reply. The tip gig also helps when you don’t have a gig to cover the service they want or if you suspend a certain gig and they still want your service. The more gigs you have the better it is for you. Just make sure you can handle the workload.

Fiverr is an ever expanding place and it’s only going to keep expanding. It has had a 600% increase in just one business quarter. That’s a bigger increase than any company than I know of. This book promotion idea is huge and when more and more people read about it and hear about it, this gig is going to be huge. The sky is the limit. So be ready.

 Until next time Fiverrtatic readers have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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