Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crawling the backlink at a time

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I came across this seller on fiverr who gives you 4000 quality verified backlinks to your website for $5. I was skeptical at first but I'm rather impressed by what's happened so far. The seller goes by the name of seo_backlinks_1 and he will create 4,000 CHECKED Backlinks to Site of your Choice to Improve its Standings is Search Engines, Guaranteed Professional Quality Backlinks. I am highly impressed by the amount of traffic I've already seen and how sooner or later with a little more backlink work and SEO help Fiverrtastic will beat out all other Fiverr blogs except Fiverr's own blog. I literally want to be a worldwide read blog. I want everyone familiar and not familiar with Fiverr to read my blog. This guy is helping me along my way. I think I will have him help me with my graphic design site

seo_backlinks_1 I don't have too much suggestions for you except maybe to offer promotional gigs for facebook, twitter, and linkedin if thats something you can do. besides that you have an amazing service! If you all need help getting your website ranked higher use seo_backlinks_1. He will help you without a doubt. He gave me almost 4000 extra backlinks! Go check him out now! You will be glad you did. If you mention you seen him in my blog he'll probably give you some extras too.

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers keep in mind that I will be having a testimonial contest coming up and my facebook timeline banner contest is almost in its second week of voting. go to this Fiverrtastic facebook photo album  and vote now for your favorite. Right now Chinelope is winning by a chin like I have said before. :) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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