Friday, July 6, 2012

kick number 100 off with an...aura.

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I wanted to order a different and unique gig. One that was going to blow you away. So I decided to order From the one and only Sam Cornwell, the community manager of Fiverr. He doesn't sell many gigs even though he should, because his gigs are amazing. The time, effort, and diligence he put into this gig alone was well worth my $5 plus $4 shipping. He put the 2 different pictures he sent me in a handle with care envelope, he put a personalized message on the back of each picture and signed his name. These pictures will be sure to be a work of art some day and I will be framing them. His Fiverr seller name is samcornwell of course and he will do an awesome aura picture or angry rant video. So if you want an amazing gig look no further than Mr. Cornwell himself. I took the image he sent and scanned it in high resolution and converted it in photoshop and added some awesome text. I chose the same text as the Hollywood sign and I decided it was only fighting to change my cover after releasing the blog. The other image i decided on the font for I know what you did last summer. I may use that banner on my blog or when I make a new webpage. The other Facebook cover is still new though and I like the whole lips concept kymmypops did. Check out Sam's video for his Aura gig below

Sam, I only have one suggestion for your gigs my friend. (I picked up the idea of giving suggestions to the person I'm blogging about from you when you gave a Fiverr tip of the day in you Vlog's.) Sam you should create a new gig. Maybe a photographic postcard or a voice-over gig or something off the wall that no one would expect. Something that, like your other 2 gigs will sell like hotcakes. I imagine that you're extremely busy already with family and life obligations. You're also community manager of Fiverr and you do an amazing job with that. But if you explore a new gig they're may be new opportunities from old and new customers . 

oh I almost forgot here is the wallpapers I made from Sam's aura's

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a good day and see you when I do blog # 101. Thank you everyone for reaching just over 8000 views I can't wait until we reach over 10k views I have lots of ideas in store. Hopefully Breka27 finishes my hand drawn logo idea for another Facebook banner for my contest I'm going to be promoting. More details in another upcoming blog. Until next time stay safe. 

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