Sunday, July 29, 2012

They call him Mr Rapper

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers
Do you need an original gig, but you haven't been able to find one. Are all those other rapping gigs well just mediocre. Try ordering from mrrapper he is what I like to refer to as the U.K's version of Eminem. (If they had one) He's a rapper who's got the skill, but no one wants to take him seriously. He had over 120,000 youtube views on a video for a a song called "Let's Get Funky"By Master RS and Lyfe Martinez. He started selling gigs on Fiverr about 2 months ago and he is already a level 1 seller. He has 20 different gigs to choose from and pretty much anything to suit your fancy. Mrrapper's gigs are original, innovative, and creative. Something that Fiverr buyers look for is someone who can give them a wow for their buck. One of his most popular gigs right now is that he will do a UK ghetto rant about anything you want wether it be promoting your business/site/occassion etc or funny,angry,sad etc for 50 seconds for $5.I'm all for the rant videos. People that do rant videos are entertaining. But someone who does one from Nottingham in his ghetto that's hardcore! Nottingham is literally referred to as the gun capitol. He asks that if you order his ghetto rant and want it done in his ghetto Jacuzzi that you place 6 extra gig orders. this will keep him from getting shot in his ghetto. ;)

This seller can rap too. I looked him up on youtube and honestly he should pursue his music career again. Check out one of his videos below:

Ok, Heres a suggestion I have for you mrrapper, keep pursuing your music. Don't listen to what the critics have to say if people are hating their listening. I would also suggest for your Fiverr gigs you work on trying to build a list of contacts. Keep in contact with sellers who buy repeatedly and start making friends with other Fiverr sellers. I have met a ton of Fiverr friends just by the use of social media. Having friendships with other Fiverr sellers can help you a lot later on. it's always good to have friends everywhere and with the Fiverr community we forget that we have 1000's of other sellers at our fingertips. They can help you in more ways than you can imagine. You should even check out the Fiverr seller group on Linkedin and some of the groups and pages on Facebook. They can help you with selling technique and help advertise your gig. I promote my gigs on on Fiverr pages every now and then.

Here is another video mrrapper did


Until next time Fiverrtastic readers check out mrrapper. He will create an awesome gig for you. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

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