Saturday, July 7, 2012

His name is Kimundi

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Welcome to blog # 101. Ok, so I came across this amazing seller yesterday named spim111and he will add your message and logo to this UNIQUE video for $5. This video is no ordinary video. He will use a finger puppet named Kimundi to make an advertisement video for your website or business. This gig is amazing if you just want something cute and simple. This video adds your text or logo at the end of it. Some videos don't do that without the extra charge. This video concept is really great too because the seller uses a finger puppet character to promote your business. It's fresh and original. I was going to order, but I can wait. He also does birthday videos, where it has happy birthday text and the person name. You really need to check out spim111 if you want an original and innovative order. This seller will create an amazing gig. The first 10 days on Fiverr he's already had 10 orders on 1 gig alone. Help spim111 become a level 1 seller. :)

spim111 I like the 2 character concept I was going to suggest it. But, you did it in a gig. I want to suggest that maybe you do other finger puppet ideas with Kimundi too where you explore different ones. Or you could do a picture postcard idea with the puppet you have. Whatever you do I'm sure you could turn out a lot more innovative gigs.

Check out his video below. I'm sure after you see the video you'll be convinced he has an awesome gig. 

I will release details on the Facebook banner contest tomorrow. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day!

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