Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lips of an Angel

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I needed a new Facebook Cover for my Fiverrtastic page. I wanted something that wasn't so stuffy and sophisticated. I wanted something sensual and at the same time inviting. So I decided I wanted to change the Facebook cover page. I hired Fiverr seller Kymmypops to do the bidding. her gigs are amazing! one of her gigs is where she will write your business name on a smaller piece of card stock and put it between her lips and sen you a picture of it. It makes for great advertising. Kymmypops is a part time model and a full time Fiverr seller. She is a Top rated seller with over 900 positive ratings. that is an amazing feat for any fiverr seller. I have just over 600 positive sales. If you want to order from an amazing seller who is going to deliver something out of the ordinary for your business or website order from Kymmypops. She will deliver for you and deliver exceptionally well too. I ordered expecting to receive my order in maybe 3 or 4 days or almost the full 10 days because she had a full queue of orders with other orders. She delivered my order the next day. The very next day....that's like having express delivery! She also offers Testimonial services and voiceover services. This Kymmypops is the real deal when it come to a Fiverr TRS. I hope to maybe work with her again someday. 

this is what the example looked like on her gig:

Kymmypops This is when I usually pass off a nugget of knowledge like Sam would at the end of his vlogs. Since I've been selling for as long as I have (it will be 2 yrs in August or September) I feel I have learned a lot from customers and other Fiverr sellers.  But, you're a TRS and you have done way more positive sales than I have even in the short time you've been selling. If I had to make a suggestion for any gig ideas to expand your services maybe you could offer writing services? like script writing for example. Or you could make a collection of a variety of different writers who provide different writing services. The only other idea I have is to put seasonal gigs up if you don't already. Besides that TRS is as high as you can go and the sky is the limit from here Kymmypops. I wish you much luck and many thanks for the new banner. I plan on changing out my banner frequently.

 Here is the Fiverrtastic images she did for me

I chose the first one. Go look at how it looks as a Facebook wall cover at

I have an idea for anyone who does picture advertising or facebook timeline banners. Send me your gig, let me see it, and if I like it I may order it for the next banner for Fiverrtastic.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers.

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