Friday, July 13, 2012

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so my good Fiverr seller friend Guitario has a new gig out. I have featured him 2 different time before this. One time before for a guitar gig and once with his piano gig but both times it was to enhance ad videos I was making. Never have I featured him in a blog with a gig of his own. "Frets of Fury", a blog wrote for him was the second most read blog of all time to date. "She's Sexy and She Knows It" which is a blog for Fiverr seller Sexysamantha out beat his with like 40ish readers. Guitario has an amazing new concept to promote your site or business. It's a video you can use which is a floating text style. You give him the script and he'll make the video. He made me one to show everyone. I provided the script and he made the video. Believe me this guy is talented. Just watch the video below and you will see what I mean.

Hear is the gig link I will create you a custom promotional video for $5. Seriously, this guy is amazingly talented at whatever he puts his mind too. He creates videos, plays guitar, plays piano, and he even can sing pretty good too. ;) Guitario is what I like to refer to as a working Trent Reznor (singer of Nine inch Nails). Guitario you just work much harder. He even wants to learn to play the harmonica! Could be another gig possibility. Guitario you should just be a musician for crying out loud! Alanletsgo is a musician in 2 bands and sells on Fiverr! I didn't link Alan because of personal reasons.

Guitario I haven't got any nuggets of wisdom to give you like Sam would except maybe one. What the hell are you not doing to promote those gigs with no ratings. Anyways, this is a start. Hey guys seriously Guitario's gigs are amazing and you need to check them out it's a shame not to. Check out all of his gigs, not just this one or the musical ones. He has some amazing special effects gigs. He is probably one of the few hardest working Fiverr sellers on here i know. Anyone who is submitting a Timeline Cover for the Fiverrtastic Facebook wall please do so by Sunday at midnight. contact me if you have questions. I have only got 1 submission besides the 3 I ordered from people. So if I don't get anymore it will be slim pickings for voting. ;) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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