Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drawn To Life

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I ordered something a little different from a seller by the username of achillesian for a friend as a memorial gift for his family and myself. When I say memorial of course I mean he died. I still think of him all the time because I shared art classes with him in my junior and senior year. It's only been a short period of time yet it feels like forever. When someone passes you feel like they're still around and like you'll bump into them on the street. I still feel like I feel his presence everytime I listen to Kings of Leon or Sublime. The Fiverr seller achillesian was able to bring Derek's picture to life and his mom even wrote me back saying that "it brought tears to her eyes, yet made her smile." To have someone write back and literally be impressed by the gift you give them is amazing. To have 12 likes for the picture the first few hours of posting the picture is also amazing. I think achillesian did an awsome job. the gig i ordered was I will draw a portrait from a photo for $5. This seller literally transformed the photo into a drawn masterpiece!

This is the photo I sent:

I contacted the seller and they asked me to buy the portrait gig because it didn't have any ratings yet and it had a quicker lead time. I got the order back in just over a day when I didn't expect it for 3 to 5 days. The seller did an amazing job because I was only a few days late for his birthday. I didn't get to go to the celebration because I had graphic design gigs to work on and other things i had to do that day. But I know Derek would have understood. Fiverr seller achillesian you did an amazing job. You kept the spirit of a friend and family member alive. Kudos to you.

This is the picture that was drawn and sent back to me. It is so hauntingly similiar I almost wanted to cry. May Derek's memory live on through the spirit of art and photos that we all have.

achillesian I have just a few suggestions for you. First off, you should offer gig extras on the gigs that have a high enough percentage. for God's sake man you can make an extra $5 or $10 offering color to people's picture. Believe me people would order colored pencil or marker colored sketches. You should also offer different types of art or digital art gigs. Believe me the more gigs you sell the more potential you have to earn money. You have skill don't knock it.

Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic Day Everyone.

(In Memory of Derek Burns. RIP)

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