Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fiverr Support Can Be Your best Friend

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I wanted to discuss Fiverr Support in a special blog of their own again for a second time. I haven't discussed their amazing services in awhile and it's long overdue. I'll keep it short and sweet because I want to do a blog on Chinelope too. Ok, so I had a customer cancel a gig they ordered, but they cancelled it wrong. Based on the circumstances it was wrong because they didn't understand how to cancel. This customer wants to become a long term customer and order short stories for her sandal website which has a blog that accompanies it. Her blog is still in the process and she has more than one writer doing the blog. So when she ordered the second story off me she was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she had going on. She cancelled, but she cancelled due to a late order, when she didn't give me the full details until 2 or 3 days after the order was placed. She also didn't know cancelling a late order would hurt my rating because my gig was still new and hadn't had too many completed orders yet.

So, this is where Jenny from Fiverr Customer Support literally saved the day! She voided out the cancel and made it a mutual cancellation. I couldn't help the situation, my computer went up and I was without a computer a few days and the customer didn't understand cancelling procedures. I was amazed at how quickly they handled the situation and how thoroughly they handled it with care. They actually understood that it was not my fault that my computer went up and I was inundated with multiple orders at the same time and having a lot of writing gigs back to back to back was just overwhelming in the first place. It's really amazing how if you write a detailed message explaining your situation, Fiverr Support will go the extra mile to help whenever they can. Don't be afraid to ask! Those who don't ask, are complaining for no reason. So just make sure that anytime you contact them you're courteous, the question or comment is detailed, and make sure that it's all filled out right. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day!
peace out everyone,

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